Woman’s Day Magazine, Starting the Year Off Right!

img_3429After stalking my local Target store for the past week and a half, I finally got my hands on a copy of the February issue of Woman’s Day Magazine, featuring my Think Warm Thoughts spoon! The cashier probably raised an eyebrow while scanning 5 issues of the same magazine, but printed press is always so exciting that I had to stop myself from buying every last copy!


Milk & Honey + Whole Foods Market


What an exciting summer it’s been so far! Our mugs and stamped spoons were selected by Whole Foods Market for their new Brooklyn, NY store. And within the very first week they sent us a re-order, so it looks like our pieces are a hit with Whole Foods shoppers!

Milk & Honey Tote Bags


I started making tote bags for Milk & Honey in 2011, but as the company grew I shifted my focus towards glassware and silver for quite some time. I am so excited to once again offer market tote bags in the shop! We started with two of our favorite designs, which I created for our coffee mugs (available here and here), screen printed on both sides of the sturdy canvas tote. So far the response has been outstanding, and we have been shipping lots of bags to their new homes this week. Thank you to our fantastic customers for your enthusiastic response!

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