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Pimlico Magazine- Premiere Issue

Monday mornings are usually pretty mundane for me. I don’t ship over the weekends (unless someone really needs me to), so orders build up and come Monday, I usually spend all morning in sweatpants, coffee in hand, printing shipping labels and packing boxes. I do what I do because I love the creative process, not because I love to package boxes and print address labels. So the whole time I’m doing my weekend shipments, I’m staring longingly at the sewing machine or at the new fabrics I bought, or thinking about what new treasures my favorite antique shops might have gotten in since I’d last been there.

So it was a complete and utter joy this morning  to find an email from the Editor in Chief of Pimlico Magazine in my inbox. You never know who might be shopping in your store and as it turns out, she’d bought my cake stand to use in their première issue! If you click any of these photos, it will bring you to the magazine- which I highly recommend if you are planning a wedding or in need of amazing gift ideas. They have a Holiday Issue coming out in October which I can’t wait to see!

So a big ‘Thank You’ to Jen and Allison at Pimlico. I look forward to many more issues of inspired gifts and artful celebrations!