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Martha Stewart American Made Finalist


Earlier this month, we were named finalists in the 2015 Martha Stewart American Made contest. and voting is underway! You can read my entry and (pretty please) vote for us up to 6 times a day by clicking here.

In November Ryan and I will be heading up to New York City for the American Made Summit at Martha Stewart’s headquarters. Tickets are purchased, hotel is booked, and I can’t wait to be back. I’ve met some really wonderful people at Martha Stewart, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.

In the meantime, it would mean so much if you took a moment to vote for my small business. You can also see more of what it is we do by checking us out on Martha Stewart’s American Made Market here.


Looking Back On 2014

IMG_4077  As 2014 draws to a close, I am enjoying some time off. We close up the shop from December 20th until after the New Year, and use the time for relaxation, reflection and planning.

This year was the best yet for both family life and work life. We bought a new home with a large studio space, which has allowed us to separate work-life from home-life with the simple closing of a door. We created new product lines (and have a few more in the works!), continued our partnerships with other companies such as Nordstrom, Martha Stewart American Made and Preserve.

In November we traveled to New York City to attend the Martha Stewart American Made Summit. We have been a part of the American Made Market since February of this year, when they reached out to us personally to invite us to join the marketplace. We visited the Martha Stewart Headquarters for the first time this summer, and were excited to return for the Summit.


At the opening night cocktail party


Heading to the Summit bright and early.

Heading to the Summit bright and early.

Our spoons were included in a pop-up marketplace at the Summit, so of course we had to take a few photos with our creations.

Posing with our spoons at the pop-up market.

Posing with our spoons at the pop-up market.

By the end of the event they had nearly sold out of our entire inventory!

By the end of the event they had nearly sold out of our entire inventory!

Of course, the highlight of the trip was hearing Martha herself talk about running a business. We decided to make The American Made Summit an annual trip because it was the perfect motivator heading into the busiest season of the year. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    After the Summit ended, we stayed in New York another day to do some shopping and digest everything we learned. We even found some great antique shops, and somehow I couldn’t convince Ryan that we needed this guy for the studio.

He really wanted to come home with us, but wouldn't fit in the overhead bin.

He really wanted to come home with us, but wouldn’t fit in the overhead bin.

As soon as we were home from New York, the Holiday season began in full swing and we spent many long nights in the studio creating the gifts our customers selected. As December 20th neared, the last thing we wanted to do was close up the shop to immerse ourselves in the Holiday madness of crowds and traffic and malls. So we did the only sane thing and skipped it in favor of four long days in the mountains of North Carolina. There were less presents under the tree, but it was worth it to light a fire and hole up here: IMG_4051The opposite side of the cabin hung off the top of a mountain, which was the perfect place to have our coffee every morning. IMG_4042The best part was being able to convince my parents to join us. My mother is very into Christmas, so pulling her away from decorations and shopping for the four days leading up to Christmas Eve was no easy task. I think she gave in because of our plans to visit the Biltmore Estate to take in their 63 trees and lavish decorations (not to mention their winery!). We also spent a day antiquing (a pastime I learned from her), so she had a lot of fun in spite of the timing of the trip.

Our clan at Biltmore.

Our clan at Biltmore.

Now we are spending the remainder of the year relaxing around the house with the kids and making plans for 2015. We are in the early stages of another partnership and laying the groundwork for a few new product lines. The silverware boxes are fully re-stocked and ready for action come January. And after another week of unwinding with my family, I will be too.

New York City

10557373_720595188008097_2029964732994957630_nSince late summer is the slow season for us, it is also the perfect time for one last getaway before the busy holidays. New York City is one of my favorite places on Earth, but we didn’t want to bring the children until we were long out of the strollers and nap time years. We put a ton of planning into the trip, not just because we wanted to show the kids a great time, but because for the first time we decided to leave the shop open with my sister at the helm. photo 2(13)

We went to The Blue Man Group, took a double-decker bus tour of the city, had a special night out at Nobu, and visited tons of museums.

Lilly was a huge fan of the police horses and we had to stop at each one for her to meet them. Nate’s favorite moment was at Blue Man, when a jello mold was catapulted into the audience, hitting me square in the chest before rolling into his lap. We had ‘poncho seats’, which I would highly suggest if you’re seeing the show with 4(10)

An exciting part of our trip was getting the chance to see many of the wonderful people we work with but never met in person.

First we visited the Food 52 offices. Their test kitchen is something out my best Pinterest dreams. Farmhouse sink, reclaimed wood shelving, and a beautiful assortment of vintage kitchenware. photo 2(10)

Next we visited Martha Stewart’s headquarters in Chelsea. Taking up an entire city block with a massive rooftop deck overlooking the river, the offices are vast and white and remarkable. There are glass rooms filled with props, story boards for future issues of her publications, kitchen sets for filming any number of cooking segments, and friendly faces at every turn.

Our last meeting was at Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn. We spent the better part of the day there, having lunch (called ‘Eatsy’), meeting with several departments, and touring the offices. The kids went off with staff member Adrienne to see how many dogs they could find in the office (final tally was eight!). photo 2(3)  During our tour, we passed by CEO Chad Dickerson’s office and were told that the wood used to make the walls was reclaimed from the sub-flooring of Thomas Edison’s office. I was blown away and asked Ryan to snap a picture of me in front of the wood. Just as he was about to take the picture, I glanced over my shoulder to see Chad looking back at me from his computer. Ryan took the picture and I laugh every time I see how red my face was! Later the kids told me that when they were dog hunting he waved at them every time they went past. I was so impressed by how down to earth everyone was. threearm Now we are back in Richmond, preparing for the upcoming holiday season. School starts in just a few short weeks and then time will shift into fast forward until we break for Christmas week. Nate and Lilly are already asking when we are going back to New York, and while I haven’t made any promises, I can’t help but think how much they’d love to see the city lit up for Christmas. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA