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Wine Table, As Promised (at last!)

There she is at last! To be completely honest, we finished the wine table in early July. But it is summer which means birthday parties, vacations, holidays and all the rest of it. Every time I would think of something I wanted to blog about, I would stop myself and remember that I promised the table would be next. Even still, I am cheating you a little because I’m only showing you our finished results. The full photo tutorial will follow (the kids do go back to school next week after all), but for now, feel free to bask in the beauty of a fully functional home wine-tasting table.  With honeybees, natch!
On one end there are French lemonades for the kids and on the other, French wines for us. I put potted plants down the center when it isn’t full of ice and bottles. The color of the wood will patina over the next few months and I might even give it an interesting stain in the spring.

We toasted with Malbec and Pinot Noir of course, but we’ve also recently discovered Vouvray. It tastes like a non-cloying Reisling.

The honeybees were a happy accident. The gutter we bought to use as the center didn’t work at all and we thought the project was a bust. Then I remembered the planter my mother had just bought me and it happened to fit perfectly. I called her to find out where she bought it and raced out to see if they had more. By chance, they had the exact number and sizes needed to fill the center of the table. Clearly fate means for me to drink my wine al fresco.

I love this wine stopper. I make all different types which I sell in my shop here, but all these pictured are from my personal collection. I discovered this old hot water faucet handle in the attic of my mothers Victorian house, so it was far too sentimental to sell.

I hope you forgive me for taking so long with this post. I will do my best to get the how-to up soon. My husband and I made the entire thing from scratch so there’s lots of room for personalization to your own tastes. Until then, cheers!

So Many DIY’s, So Little Time

I must have this. Must must must must. Must. I don’t make it a habit to host wine tastings (though we do taste plenty of wine at Casa Parker), but that is not going to stop me from pestering my husband to build this with me STAT. I’m picturing wine bottles and beer at summer picnics, juice boxes at the kid’s birthday parties and potted flowers the rest of the time (a centerpiece set lower than the table doesn’t block anyone’s view!)

If this photo is filling you with the must-haves as much as it is me, just click the photo to visit the tutorial. If you beat me to it (and since we have plans this weekend, you likely will), send me some pictures of how yours turned out! I will post pictures of ours when it’s done and if you’d like to show off yours just let me know and I’ll post it too. Of course, ours will look a little different than the photo above because instead of plain old corks, our bottles will be decked out in these:

Click the photos to see the current Milk & Honey line of wine stoppers. Santé

My Latest Obsession

Just a short post today because I have to get busy with some glass etching and then do a little outfit shopping for my day at the Charlottesville wineries tomorrow. Several new posts are in the works (sewing! magnetic art walls! how to (hopefully) survive going to 5 wineries in one day!), but for now I just had to share this thing of beauty that is living in my refrigerator.

My brother gave me a gift card for my birthday and with it I bought this water infuser. All I had on hand was some strawberries so I sliced them up, dumped them into the center piece which screws right into the cap, filled it with tap water and stuck it in the fridge. I went back about twenty minutes later and tried a glass and I’m still in shock at how amazing it tastes. I’m already planning what’s next. Sliced cucumbers? Lemons and mint? Raspberries? Maybe I just need to go get a few more and line them up across the entire bottom shelf. Who needs room for milk and ranch dressing when you can have seven jugs of perfectly flavored water? The kids haven’t discovered this yet, but will not be at all surprised to walk into the kitchen and find them with their mouths under the spigot, taking hits right from the jug. To be completely honest I can’t say the idea hasn’t crossed my mind either..

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