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Jalapeno Water


I have a hard time remembering to drink as much water as I should. Especially with the summer heat and the amount of coffee I consume, it’s important to avoid getting dehydrated. I make different flavor infusions which taste so good I actually look forward to my eight glasses a day.


After trying the usual combinations (various blends of cucumber, lemon, lime, and strawberries), I was in the mood for something different. I wanted something with a kick but also a fresh, clean flavor (I save the Indian spices for warm winter drinks). Jalapeno it is!

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Slice some cucumber and cut a jalapeno into chunks. You can adjust the level of spice by how many seeds you leave in (more seeds make a spicier infusion). I added a few berries, tied the cheesecloth into a pouch and chilled in a pitcher of filtered water. I’ve been drinking it by itself, but you could probably add some spirits or even use the water to brew tea.

Just a little sweet and a touch spicy.

Just a little sweet and a touch spicy.

Minted Watermelon Sorbet with Basil


I have long been a fan of the belief that you can eat anything you want as long as you make it yourself (from Michael Pollen’s book, Food Rules). It is unlikely that you’ll go through the trouble of baking a cake every time your sweet tooth calls out, so when you do, you can really enjoy it without guilt. For the holiday weekend I wanted to make something special for the kids to enjoy (and the adults too!). Above is every ingredient we used except for a bit of water. We mixed everything up this morning and it froze while we ran errands all day. By the time we got home, there was a delicious frozen treat for the kids and the makings of a delicious frozen drink for Ryan and I.

Ingredients :

– 3/4 cup of water

– Seedless watermelon, cut into chunks

– Juice of one lime

– 5 or 6 mint leaves, minced

-3 or 4 basil leaves, minced

PicMonkey CollageInstructions:

– Boil sugar and water over medium heat, stirring until dissolved. Simmer 3 minutes then chill in refrigerator.

– Puree the remaining ingredients

– Pass the purée through a sieve to remove any pulp or seeds

– Pour the purée into a shallow metal pan and freeze, stirring occasionally.


The finished sorbet can be served as-is for an icy treat, or spiked with rum for a tasty watermelon mojito (courtesy of some great Instagram inspiration from Erin_D). It was a sweet finish to a relaxing Fourth of July weekend.Save

Eat More Salad

Still settling into the new workspace (those bookshelves finally arrived and they are amazing. I highly recommend them, especially at that price!) so I still don’t have pictures to share yet. But I do have some exciting news to share.

This summer I was contacted through etsy by Fitness magazine about a possible feature in their holiday gift guide. I sent them some high-res photos, then a sample set, then…. I just waited. The admin at etsy who was my liaison with Fitness said that all I could do was wait until the magazine came out because you never know what will make it and what won’t. I was out for some supplies and passed by a magazine rack (I rarely pass one without stopping. I have piles of Martha Stewart, Veranda and Whole Living stacked a mile high). Lo and behold the new issue was out and, drum-roll please….
I made it in! It took every ounce of restraint not to do a happy dance in the middle of the store, so instead I scooped up 8 copies and grinned like a madwoman the entire way to my car.

Thank you so much to the folks at Fitness for including small businesses in their publications. As a small business, I plan to return the favor by including Fitness back into my life. My thrice weekly yoga practice has dwindled to one session a month (if I’m lucky). With the Holiday Rush already underway, I have realized that I will never find time to make it to the gym. I’m going to have to make time. And I know just the magazine to bring along to the treadmill.

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