New Year’s Eve

Yup, just call me Smoothie Queen. My New Year’s Eve started with a bright green vegetable smoothie. The “I’ve eaten my body weight in cheese and wine this month” detox/cleanse doesn’t begin until tomorrow, but I thought I would test out one of the recipes today. It tasted…healthy.

I offered some to the kids, and they both jumped at the chance (I think they assumed I’d added fruit to the mix). Lilly tried first, then slowly backed away in horror. She didn’t make a sound, which could have saved Nate. He, not seeing her face, took a swig of my kale-watercress-beet mixture. What Lilly expressed with silent disgust, Nate expressed by immediately throwing up on the kitchen floor. Ryan declined a taste, but with three weeks of my smoothie concoctions in our future, I’m sure he’ll get his turn.

Note to self: add a little fruit to the smoothies.