New Years Resolutions, Week Two

50-clean-eating-superfoods-While last week I focused on removing toxic things from my life, this week I’m adding back the healthy things that I’ve been missing.

In my quest for balance, I’ve taken things very literally. Picture someone on a balance beam, with unsteady footing. First they might lean waaaay to one side, arms out like wings. Then they’ll lean waaaaay to the opposite side before eventually finding their center. Last week we gave up a long list of things, which has left us lighter and less cluttered. I’ll admit it- I couldn’t go more than one day without my morning coffee. But Ryan and I did really well with the rest of our list! This week we are leaning way to the opposite side, adding in key elements to a healthy happy lifestyle.

While we are no longer avoiding gluten, red wine and meat, we are retaining some of our practices from the last week and integrating them into our daily habits. For example, as disgusting as it tasted that first day, the apple cider vinegar and lemon morning drink was actually pleasant after a few days. I love the feeling I had getting rid of clutter, so much so that I am continuing with that throughout the month. And as it turns out, I actually like almond milk in my coffee, so I’ll continue to cut back on dairy. I have long flirted with vegetarianism, and though Ryan will be happy to see steak back on the menu, I found that I can go several days in a row without meat and not miss it. (Lest you think I have a holier than thou mentality about it, I should disclose that Saturday night I celebrated the end of elimination week with a half-dozen raw oysters and beef tartare.)

We took things to extremes to find out what we could really live without. And though many things will find their way back into our life, as it turns out, some of it wasn’t missed in the least. Which leads me to this week. Additions.

Food-wise, we decided to incorporate at least two “super-foods” into every dinner this week. We planned a weeks worth of meals and didn’t let ourselves fall back on the familiar foods in this category. I’ll be sure to share the recipes and how they turned out, including the all-important “would Nate and Lilly eat it without gagging”.

Life-wise, we are adding fitness back. Wait, let me rephrase that. I am adding fitness back. Ryan competes in triathlons and is up running before the sun rises whereas I am still a lifeless lump in the bed two hours later when he returns. It wasn’t always this way. Before I began work, I had a serious yoga practice, and was in the gym at least 4 or 5 times a week. This was then:
IMG_2887 IMG_2844









And this is now:


I’ve traded my flexibility for a flexi-shaft drill.

This week I will leave my pride at the door and head back into the gym, for at least 3 (hopefully 4) yoga sessions. I am not looking forward to how inept I will feel, or how sore I will be in the days that follow. But little by little it will come back to me, and hopefully by month’s end I can dash into the post office just before they close without getting winded.

This will also be a huge week of additions for the shop. I have been trying to restock all of my sold out items and get back up to speed from the Holiday Rush. From the moment the kids head to school, until I get them in the afternoon (and then again after they’ve settled into their homework), I’m in the studio hammering, sewing, photographing and listing. My sister bought me a beautiful handmade leather journal for Christmas and as new ideas for products come to mind, I jot them down and go right back to the task of restocking. Once the shop is full again, I can’t wait to dive into the pages of notes I’ve written and share my new ideas and creations with you. My first new line will be throw-pillows that I hand print with beautiful vintage designs. I broke my “no new products until I’m restocked” rule and made a few silk pieces a couple of days ago. I’m especially pleased with this pillow, and can’t wait to make many more in a huge variety of designs. Milk and Honey LuxuriesAnd because I think every lady should have a place for her Lady Things, I also made this little zippered pouch: IMG_3859Sometimes you need to add the big things back, like family time and life-direction. Sometimes, as with me at the moment, it’s the not so big things, like healthy food and exercise. And sometimes the only thing you need to add is a pretty little something that makes you smile when you see it. Hopefully that’s where Milk & Honey comes in. Feel free to email me if there is something you would like me to push to the top of my restocking list.