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New Years Resolutions

image via play on words, click to shop their etsy store

image via play on words, click to shop their etsy store

2013 is almost here and I’ve done some serious soul-searching about what I want out of the new year. I have always loved making (and trying to keep!) New Years Resolutions, and will be sharing them in some upcoming blog posts.

All of the individual changes I will be making will hopefully add up to one larger resolution. Balance. This past year has been an amazing blur as Milk & Honey found its footing. Now that the first year is over (and the experience that comes with it is under my belt), I feel better suited to begin nurturing myself again. There will still be many nights that I’m in the studio past midnight, and most work weeks will still run over 65 hours. I really don’t even mind that part, crazy as it sounds! But I know now that the entire company won’t come crashing down if I take a few evenings a week to resume my yoga practice. I have enough confidence in my customer service that I trust I won’t lose my client base if I am unreachable on a Sunday afternoon while at the park with the kids. Things are still moving full steam ahead with the shop (some pretty exciting announcements to come, actually!), and I have no intention of ever scaling back. Quite the opposite. I simply want to add back aspects of my life that took a back seat for the past 12 months.

These aspects are fairly simple. Healthy, nourishing meals. Regular yoga. Outings with the children. Reconnecting with old friends. (I set up a coffee date with an amazing woman I’ve known since I was 13, but who I haven’t seen in over a year. We have one of those friendships where we can always pick back up like no time has passed. But aren’t friendships like that worth not letting the time pass to begin with?).

In the wake of the Holiday Rush, I had a few days to breathe deeply and introspect. Then I went back into the studio and created some of the best pieces of work I’ve made in two months. The connection is obvious, but it took me a moment to see that taking care of myself and my family directly improves my work-life as well. So, in the name of balance, I hope to share some fun blog posts over the next few months including exploring new eating habits, returning to yoga and discovering local adventures with Nate and Lilly. I might even find a thing or two to say about friendship (such as if they aren’t bringing you joy (or worse, make you feel bad), they probably aren’t friendships at all, but acquaintanceship in disguise), and hopefully discover some tips on how to juggle full-time work, full-time marriage, full-time motherhood and still find time for a glass of Malbec with a great friend.