Antiquing On An Autumn Day

Doesn’t that title sound idyllic? And the photo above, taken while we crossed over a bridge in Urbanna, Va. This is my job. Well… sometimes. I won’t discuss the fact that it’s nearly 2 in the afternoon and I’ve yet to properly brush my hair today. But for all the hard work and calloused fingers, now and then I get to have a day like the one in that picture above. White sails billowing on cold blue water as the foliage reddens the horizon. {sigh}

It started because of two things. The first being that my mother took our two little ones to Pennsylvania to visit their great-grandmother for the weekend. The second was a surprising feature on etsy that resulted in my entire stock of Thanksgiving servers being bought in the course of 24 hours. I called around to my usual Richmond haunts and no one had anything that day. Then Ryan suggested that we make a day of it and head out looking for replacement servers. What followed was one of the most blissful days in recent memory.

We started here, in the old town of Gloucester, Virginia (founded 1651) where we moseyed around the town square and popped into a few small antique shops.

By then it was nearing lunch time, and we knew we wanted to eat in Urbanna, Va. (they are famous for their fresh oysters). On the way up, we stopped at my absolute favorite antique store. I cannot say enough great things about this place and the great people who work there.
Holly Hill Farm Antiques. My Mecca. Anyone from around the area likely already knows this treasure, but for those who might be  passing through, click here to go to their website for hours and directions. Even if you have to alter your route a bit to get there, it’s worth it.

What you’ll find is an enormous farm-house from the early 1800s and over a half-dozen barns and out buildings, all stuffed to capacity with everything you could imagine (well, except silverplate, because I relieved them of their entire inventory).

just a handful of the many barns and out buildings on the property

You will find things you knew existed, but might not have ever seen, such as Prince Albert In A Can:

somebody let the poor guy out!

And you will find things that you never knew existed but that you now absolutely must have. Like this guy:
I tried my hardest to convince Ryan that this little fellow belonged hanging over our fireplace, but he remained unswayed.

You’ll also find chairs,
and garden decor,

Ryan, inspecting the garden wares

And signs,

I think that little cow is sneaking up on me

And everything else you can imagine.
I didn’t take any pictures inside the main buildings, as they were all lit with beautiful natural light. Great for the eyes, terrible for my small travel camera.

After we left, we indulged our oyster cravings then headed home. The sun was setting and we were sleepy and spent. I caught a nice picture of the sundogs, just before the sun set:


And then it was just me, Ryan, the sunset and a backseat overflowing with silver flatware.

the road home.