May 2012 archive

Catching Up and Our First Bounty

It’s been over a month since my last post, and so much has happened since then! First came final exams for me. I took five classes this semester in a rush to finish my degree (fifteen years in the making), so finals week was a blur of studying, tests and presentations. It was almost physically painful to spend so much time away from my shop. But the relief of the semester ending and officially turning Milk & Honey from my favorite pastime to my full-time job made it all worth it and then some.

I also took part in my first outdoors craft show where I learned that my day cream with sunscreen built-in doesn’t actually screen the sun whatsoever, leading to a scalding sunburn and putting me on the hunt for a better face cream (like I need another reason to troll the Sephora website). I brought a dear friend who just began her own etsy business and she sold twice as many of her wares as she’d hoped to. It was a welcomed break from school drudgery.

Almost as soon as school ended, my son had his seventh birthday which kept us busy with dinners and a family get-together. Throw in a few days of our youngest being home sick from school and several exciting (but lengthy) wholesale orders and the next thing I knew a month had passed. Luckily we had lots of rain or our poor raised garden would have withered up from neglect.

Quite the opposite actually. We went down to have a look this week and couldn’t believe that not only was it free from weeds and growing healthily, but there was actual real live food there. We had enough green beans for everyone to have seconds and a good size zucchini to slice up and eat with ranch dip while we cooked. (If your interested, our go-to green bean recipe is to simmer them in chicken broth and sliced shallot).Here is my husband and daughter showing off our haul. If you look behind them you can see all the yellow squash blossoms. A chef friend of ours has an amazing thing he does with squash blossoms that involves ricotta cheese stuffing and a frying pan, but it’s far too intimidating for me to attempt so we’ll just wait and eat them the old-fashioned way.

I was so pleased that our four-year old takes such delight in the garden. It’s been said again and again but still holds true that with so much TV and video games, there is a sad amount of nature-deprivation with kids today. Not with this little girl:It’s nice to think that all the while life was rushing by with exams and work and errands, these little veggies were just slowly growing away in our back yard. It’s a reminder to me to slow down too, and make time for the things that are the first to go when things get hectic, like tending to the garden with my children. Because in the same way that in just the blink of an eye, this:can become too do these sweet little children grow up, right under our noses while we’re busy with the daily to-do lists of life.