April 2012 archive

Treasury Time- Peach and Apricot

Click the picture above to visit this amazing treasury by Etsian Elizabeth Banks. I just love her choices (besides the obvious of course!) and am always in awe of how great of an eye curators have to go through hundreds of thousands of images and create something so unified and beautiful.

My Latest Obsession

Just a short post today because I have to get busy with some glass etching and then do a little outfit shopping for my day at the Charlottesville wineries tomorrow. Several new posts are in the works (sewing! magnetic art walls! how to (hopefully) survive going to 5 wineries in one day!), but for now I just had to share this thing of beauty that is living in my refrigerator.

My brother gave me a gift card for my birthday and with it I bought this water infuser. All I had on hand was some strawberries so I sliced them up, dumped them into the center piece which screws right into the cap, filled it with tap water and stuck it in the fridge. I went back about twenty minutes later and tried a glass and I’m still in shock at how amazing it tastes. I’m already planning what’s next. Sliced cucumbers? Lemons and mint? Raspberries? Maybe I just need to go get a few more and line them up across the entire bottom shelf. Who needs room for milk and ranch dressing when you can have seven jugs of perfectly flavored water? The kids haven’t discovered this yet, but will not be at all surprised to walk into the kitchen and find them with their mouths under the spigot, taking hits right from the jug. To be completely honest I can’t say the idea hasn’t crossed my mind either..